Monday, 5 July 2010

England's alright.

Didn't actually write one post while I was away, isn't that funny.

Still baffled by how you can leave one place for a lengthy period of time, squeeze so much into that duration, yet return to the same place to find that NOTHING has changed, and everything is still in the same condition you left it in. That is of course, excluding the countries welfare being left in another wanky primeinisters hands (fuck off?).
In conclusion: Qantas is a time machine.

Anyway as I said; a lot was squeezed in. Boy did I squeeze.
But 8 months away is nowhere near enough, 3 months in Sydney is CERTAINLY not enough, and spending time apart from the surrogate family and friends I love is already proving to be too much. Therefore I've made the potentially life-altering decision to move there permanently this coming September. Thus leaving you all in the shit (re: this coalition governement) feel kinda guilty but mum, you can always downsize.

I miss you Sydney. Brighton; please don't feel insignificant or dispensable in anyway, I still love you. Just like in a different way, and not as much.

To end on a high here is a photo of Milo's pubes.

And that's what you get for hacking my password while I'm in the shower.

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