Thursday, 30 April 2009

proud of this one

Definately a future career in either poetry or rap to the muthafucking ping.

Recently, as in; since we've been back at college in the studio/darkroom since Easter holidays, the weather has kindly decided to become 20 times HOTTTER, they can't seriously expect us to attend.
So as well as meeting deadlines and overlapping past, present and new projects, the main bulk of my time has been spent lurking in parks with BBQs, but really, and i mean REALLY unorganised ones. Not even unorganised in the sense of "let's go and have a spontaneous bbq", more in the way that it had been (sadly) planned for days then when it actually came to it we were so over-excited that we bought a £1 disposable bbq, grey prawns, jelly and frankfurters, but no cutlery..? So we ate the sausages on keys and the jelly off of milo's face (library card) and milo set alight his knee without noticing for a while.

BBQ/bike ride tomorrow, work saturday, london sunday, bank holiday monday. Amazing?

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

who knows

what kinda shit went down last night. we were definately keepin it real/old school, as in when you're 14 and have nowhere to drink so you hang around parks and street corners old school, very nostalgic (sad). however this situation was a little different; we were perched on a carpark stairwell not for lack of location, but for shame of our beerbonging stunts/fear of the popo, loved the thrills. better not make it a habit

really not sure what my jaw is doing here, playing up for attention or something

complete with hiphop accapella medleys for the walk into town, no fit state to enter a nightclub. which is evident from the bruises i woke up with (on the palm of my hand what?) and vague memory of hurling/falling over a toilet cubicle wall. alll in a nights work, adieu x

Sunday, 12 April 2009

easter & taylor warren

taylor issy kristy x 2

Taylor Warren in Topshop. She was lovely and really surprised to even get recognised and basically i'm in love; me and Is have been reading about her for a while because she's just radically buffting and wears good stuff. it is kinda hilarious how in each picture though either one of them has their eyes closed, i should probably merge them both on photoshop or something so they both look semi awake/special.. 

anyway usually for easter we get a shittilion of eggs that i end up giving to friends and pretending i bought just to get rid of a few.

This year, mum thought it best to get me a razor, which is nice because i do kinda need one but at the same time saying i'm too fat and hairy, which is fine.

Last year our little cousin Asher made this easter card in school which was immense, normally you'd expect the colourful egg shaped illustration, but he went all out and made a pop up jesus on the cross, tracy emin eat your heart out. can't wait for this years, maybe he'll put it in a bible this year, or an installation? We'll see.

gotta get workin/choppin veg, g'bye x

workin choppin & easterin

Saturday, 11 April 2009

old people

kiiiinda need to chill out.

i know usually old people are really cute, odd smelling/looking but cute, and this isn't a masive generalisation so before you judge me on being a complete anti o.a.p. nazi let me just set the scene for you...

9pm, at the bar of the pub i work at. no women in sight apart from the barstaff, aka me, and sometimes one other. the Jam greatest hits is on repeat at the request of the punters that perhaps consider themselves the younger "cooler" ones because they know how to work things like "the youtube" and download music. stood and sat around the bar are the (OOOLDDDDD) men who have been drinking stella out of the same glass since 4 in the afternoon. inevitably, one of them farts. inevitably, i have to leave.
but for genuine fear that the vomit i just swallowed back down is going to stream out of my nostrils.
then i regain my strength after walking it off, and arrive back at the bar to an angry THIRSTY mob of elderly men saying things like "can you get any service here? are we keeping you up? you look like you havn't had enough sleep, or TOO MUCH sleep, story of my life.. i don't have a bed"

what does that even mean? one of them genuinely looked shakey and tearful. the farter, of course keeping quiet.

But on the other hand, some are really sweet, and i actually consider one to be a best friend (sort of not really), he's there every day because he's reluctant to face his soon to be ex wife at home and we've had an emotional rollercoaster of conversations, but at the end of the day we alwayss av a laff. it's nice to be able to chat shit about anything to someone though and know they aren't going to judge you or tell you what you SHOULD probably do. he's like the 46 year old brother i never had.
basically, i do love my job. and basically, i don't understand how probably 0.6 of my posts have turned out work related.
peace bye
It's Blitz (YYYs)... good

R Kelly... better. Milo's itunes is nostalgic heaven

Friday, 10 April 2009

the great escape

Ok, so this week i booked both my Benicassim festival ticket and my flights, which lets just say set me back a fair bit/has deprived me of going out for atleast a month, but let's just hope it's worth it. And if not, at least i'll have some sort of tan to show for it, and by tan i obviously mean pinkish brown blotches. hott.

Anyway, i don't know if this is cheating or not because i didn't take it but.. regardless. This is a photo Milo took of me and i love it, SUMMER is on it's way in Brighton. 

And you should all come to The Great Escape fesitval 09, Milo and i are working for it, on the wrist band exchange.. cheeekyy. Bands such as ...


etc etc are playing. Goo brighton, no idea why all of this is underlined erm weird.

On a different and completely unrelated subject, went down Preston Park to go play basketball with Jack, Milo and their sisters Phoebe and Tess the other day which was really fun at the time but what i've slightly taken to offense is how i somehow managed to pull every muscle in my body, as if i'm going to do stretches first. it was meant to be friendly? xxx