Thursday, 19 February 2009

Elk Street

I've been looking forward to today for ages, it should be fuckin ahole if i have a productive.. period of time between now at 5pm.
Rory, Nick, Milo and me are all going to the Black Lips at Audio which is going to be sooooooooooooo good. it's at confined-space-galore which means everyones going to be close and sweaty and jumping, 10 x funner than shitfaces who stand still at the concorde then get so fucking aggy when you try and squeeze through to get to the front.

I need to be inventive with an outfit that has a couple of good cross drafts so that i don't go red as fuck and faint/crushed by the jumpers

Also, for your pleasure, i was on the internet last night looking up places to go in Canada. And i came across this town called Banff and I looked it up on google satellite whatever and EVERY SINGLE STREET is named after an animal, there was Elk St, Moose St, Squirrel St, Muskrat St, Wolf St and the list goes on. I just found it really hilarious/cute. Booking tickets soon bye

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

mama didnt raise no fool


i just got in from work,
was 'chilled'
i love how it is actually my downfall, ie clearly i have no will power around free food/drink/peanuts/guardian crossword

anyway. basically i've now finished both The Great Gatsby AND  a Tale of Two Cities, does anyone have any good reccomendations that isn't twilight or harry potter because i'd rather piss into a goblet of fire and drink it

this week is pretty good because it's half term, not that i have anything to show for it apart from a title page, some high waisted levis and an empty purse/5stone in weight gained.
actually, complete lie. me and milo went for a really nice bike ride to the marina and back, we ventured into the 'big brand store' - obviously being lured in by the exotic name. we were curious. milo ended up buying a disposable camera for 1.50 and me a packet of haribos from the 17th century that fell apart in my mouth. this is where my life goes wrong.
anyway we took loads of pictures and milo showed me how to ride without handlebars so F you hannah rowan. we also watched total recall, arnold schwartz is possibly the best undercover agent suffering from servere memory loss on mars i've ever seen. whattababe

Thursday, 12 February 2009

miloski belgrovski

i need to make you
a birthday card
alas i cannot
because i'm a retard
no motivation
of the card making type
because i'm shite.
hither today
we have established
that nothing rhymes
with established
it has also been noted
that i'm retarded and shit
so if you want
i'll sign your tit
as your birthday card.
but i know you won't
let me

Monday, 9 February 2009

Bane of my life

aka CCB.
i'm errywhere

Glastonbury or Benicassim?


please god let me come into a nice amount of money sometime soon/knowledge of a wise spanish 19 year old girl, preferably with a wider vocab than 'supermarcado' as to not get stuck in the back of a spaniards car with two northern strangers giving directions with their thumbs. he thought he was gettin' lucky.

also not sure whether it's really embarrassing or just really devo that i'm already creeped out by the cringe of the last blog, to be fair it was an emotional month. which only further confirmed i am USELESS IN ENGLAND, anyway masterchefs on slaters