Saturday, 31 October 2009

thank goth for that

Firstly - Happy Halloweiner to the people in good costumes. ie. not those of you dressed as Robert Patinson or Kristen Stewart, a likely 1/2 of Englands population. Because 1. you'll look like a paley twat in fangs/a modern take H&M vampire and 2. you do not have the cheekbones, just saying.

Secondly, being a phattt hypocrit, I was going to go as Jacob Black at first. Only due to this incredibly inspirational make up tutorial i found on youtube of an asian guy giving himself an 8pack in the mirror using eyeshadow. But i didn't want to be smuggling peanuts in public/people to see me naked, 8 pack or not. 

In other news, I nearly drowned in a bowl of apples this week. Frantically bobbing for apples at Audio on Thursday night, got carried away when 'free shot' was mentioned. Thanks god for making me so attractive. Proceeded to come home at 4 with work the next day, and microwave fish fingers only to be rediscovered in there the following morning, and eat all the trick or treaters sweets, sorry mum.

Anyway for those of you who actually read this blog (thanks but why) you'll know I'm leaving in 3 weeks for NZ/AUS/USA, which in effect means I will have reason to post relevant blogs and you will actually have something worth reading, fingers crossed. Last couple of months here have been pretty good though despite having diagnosed myself with S.A.D.

There have been a couple of really good birthdays (mine) and failed attempts of surprise parties (Vian)
Some of my friends living in London were throwing Vian a surprise 21st(?) birthday party at their house so i went up for it, and on the way bumped into her, pretended i was chilling in the neighbourhood alone, subtly ran to their place but really no one had any idea what time they'd be back so we hid for about an hour in the silence of their pitch black living room, then when her and her girlfriend finally returned they went straight upstairs to have sex.

None the less was a brilliant weekend, was sick, passed out, woke up to party again tripped over composed party goers on floor and managed to defy gravity and spill a pint from underneath me on to my entire face. Once again, thanks god ;)

BASICALLY if you read between the lines you should get from this a. goodbye england b. ill miss you c. don't apple bob when intoxicated and boys claiming to be freelance apple bobbers are telling you to go hard and deep d. thinking about it ill people probably bobbed in there too which would explain my lingering cough and e. i shouldn't blog about shit like this, don't judge

bye y'alllll xxxx

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