Sunday, 14 December 2008


in about 10 days near enough. I wouldn't have known this if mother hadn't done the right thing and bought me an advent calender this year; just one of the few perks of having a temporarily bed-bound parent - boredom prevails, aka hello internet shopping extravaganza, nice 1 muvvaar. Cannot complain.

This weekend has been an odd one, and all i've succeeded in realising is always have an infinate supply of pritsticks stored idon'tcarewhere just to avoid any internal rage/self hatrid, always double check you have the address of the party right.. To erm, bypass other's experiencing possible frustration through perpetual taxi journeys, which conveniently brings me to my third realisation; when under the influence, Gala is right, you are definately wrong.

And finally, if one should ever lie, one should do it well. And probably sober.

appy bday jesus x

ps 68 pages into this work journal i had better get a mofuckin distinction