Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Shitember 2009

Well, everyone has departed, gone their separate ways to london/foreign countries/counties whatever. I however, have began a full time job at Amex. I know what you're thinking - the phones. Well actually, it isn't. It's admin, so F you.

I booked flights yesterday for my travels, basically i've booked a return to one country and one country only (NZ hi emily if you're reading this) and then I just figured i could cancel/rearrange whenever i wanted/when i've found a boy(s) to drive me across the world/america. So it may appear casual and vague at the minute when in reality everything is going to plan.

Erm, to be quite honest not sure what my intentions were when creating this blog so i suppose i'd better write a bit about something first - Photos? i  have about 50 000 000 disposable films waiting to be developed no exaggeration so expect a couple of blogs before i go of shit quality images of things you can't make out.

a bit like these. peace x
PS i bought an iphone because i'm now a business woman, london on my weekend off. Pretty businesswoman like.