Thursday, 15 January 2009

i'm naked, i'm numb, i'm stupid, i'm staying

Two songs i can't get out of my head

The best fucking cover i've heard in ages, good effort on Emilie Simon's part.

More importantly, Brighton/City college is the bane of my life, the longer i am here the longer boredom/serious consideration of death prevails, and shut up i know you're all thinking it.
So basically what i'm trying to say is that i finished the great gatsby and watched enough gossip girl to actually have convinced myself i'm in it, so if anyone wants to do the BA £230 flight to JFK before march seriously, let me know. 
Hasty reply would be greatly appreciated, not that i NEED anyone to go with..

Thursday, 1 January 2009

as if it's 2009 already?

no idea where 2008 went but was definately a completely amazing year full of new faces/places/i only liked summer but whatever.

New years resolutions to attempt to follow are:

1) try to achieve lux babe status, slender figure and tan included. that way i won't be heaps dissapointed if i don't achieve that one because chances of acquiring a tan in the south of england during winter are slim.

2) soundproof my entire house so my life/sleep is no longer interrupted (ruined) by xtina aguilera at 6.30 am combined with shrieking/arguments about school uniform.

3) attend college 4 days a week maybe even 5, and not complain/actually do the work.

4) get through a day at work without spilling or drinking a drink

5) brush hair REGULARLY

6) tidy my entire bedroom and not just sections so that i can find important letters/cheques and embrace new found money in the bank

7) flee england and move to australia/italy/france and find a really beautiful aussie/italian/french person

8-10) think of more stuff i'm shit at in life to improve by 2010

happy new year?xxxx