Monday, 23 March 2009

goods and bads

of life at the moment.

+ sunshine. if winter makes a come back now i am packing the fuck up and moving to Bangladesh
+ forbidden fruit, ie. hot dad men. definately a no go area, seeing as they are most likely to be married, and very probably have a child(ren).. but that's not to say i can't think about hot dad men or about being hot dad mans woman?
+ fresh 'Refil Pads'. There's something internally gratifying about 80 clean pages of a4 paper with ruled feint & margin. call me "cooky".

- DIY haircuts. to be honest i have no idea why i always think it's ok to put myself through it, then remember afterwards why it isn't. I just don't want to get told off by my ACTUAL hairdresser for bad condition/have £45. luckily this time it didn't end in tears, but i've still not learnt.
- Working at a pub where the average age is 60. old men have had apprx. 40 years more life experience of paying for drinks than you, therefore always know how much change they have given you, make sure you study the note properly.
- Men who think it's alright to grunt at the gym. it's not.

I took the day off college today to try and get the majority of 'Allegory' finished howeverr.. my day was not as productive as i might have hoped. And so my attention was primarily absorbed in this months Nylon and this book above, 'The Bloody Chamber'. It's a selection of short stories written by Angela Carter. She has taken a variety of classics and distorted them into her own graphic and somewhat offensively crude tales. Carter herself is an unrelenting feminist, which definately comes across through a number of the stories. I'd advise not picking this one up if you're a prude, but it's definately worth a ganderss.