Friday, 31 July 2009

the bug upple

This time last year we had already accomplished Benicassim and were temporarily residing in New York. Best, holiday, ever. aka Brighton = one depressing mother effer.
In the US of A for some reason everyone thought our "british" accents were kiwi ones, eg
"so where are you guyses from in New Zealand?" "..errm.             what?"
we unwillingly overheard a lot of sex, Alice caressed a strangers hand on the subway because she thought it was mine, Milo got his arse pinched in china town because he's asian lookin', we got accused in McDonalds of stealing a woman's "fillayy" o' fish, and then in Ithaca.. for a cat that is strictly housebound, and a garden that is full of wilderness such a bears and other wild.. beasts, we probably let the cat escape a FEW (six) too many times. 
Alice was alergic to the cats.
We went speed boating down the finger lake at sunset that Whoopie Goldberg has a house on, don't thinkk we saw her.. Me and Alice couldn't go wakeboarding because we severely needed a poo. Other than that - was inCREDible.
wish i was back.


  1. samuel hiscox, would you like to make more/any sense?